*If 1 day u feel like cryin call me I dont promise that ill make u laugh but I can cry wit u If 1 day u want 2 run away dont b afraid 2 call me I dont promise 2 ask u 2 stop but I can run wit u If 1 day u call & there is no answer come fast 2 c me. maybe I need u If I have eva ignored u, Im sry If I eva thought I was bigga or betta than u I Luv u. Dont eva 4rget that Thro bad time and good I'll always b here 4 u. Im sry 4 everything wrong i've ever done im writtin this cuz wat if tomorrow neva comes?*

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Wednesday, June 30, 2004
My NeW sItE


go here for my new blog...this one is getting on my nerves..

Posted at 07:56 pm by XoXoSuGaRbAbY
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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
I'm HaPpY

ight hey ya'll well guess what seven isnt leavin till july the 9th...so i have a lil longer to see him...im happy...and my kitten is drivin me crazy...it really sucks ...but today was a good day at work...i dont know why...maybe its cause i made good tips today...but ne way i dont work again till saturday so that should be good...im glad im gettin a some days off...but i really dont have to much else to say so i guess ima go. bye love you mwah.

Posted at 09:45 pm by XoXoSuGaRbAbY
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Monday, June 28, 2004
hEy BaBiEs...

ight.... well i jus got off work...it was very tiering (spelling?) but yea.... and some guy gave me his buisness card and was like call me sometime i was like ummm... okay nasty your old. but yea and then some CuTtIe gave me his number i think i'll have to call that one sometime haha...and well steven is gone now...i'm sad... but yea i saw andy duncan yesterday..he looked pretty damn good haha.... i wish i could have talked to him...but its all good..well i have to work real early in tha mornin so that kinda sucks. but i dont really know what to say...i'm jus talkin cause im bored...but i guess i'll go... and write later when i actually have something interesting to say.. bye sweeties.

Posted at 04:19 pm by XoXoSuGaRbAbY
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Friday, June 25, 2004
OkAy i JuS nEeD tO TaLk

ight..hey ya'll well my world is really upside down right now... steve is movin to new orleans monday and i'm really sad about that... and i jus found out like yesterday that tate is gettin married...yea i never thought i would hear that one, but i guess i'm happy for him as long as he is happy...i really do miss him though...it really sucks that i cant find someone that gives me attintion like he did... i think he is the one person i really did ever love... but  you know it seems like everyone i fall for moves and leaves me... i don't know what to do anymore.. i mean my thoughts are so jumbled up in my head i can't even think staight. o yea i also have to tell ya'll somethin else...ya'll are gunna laugh when you hear this....anne marie talked to me tonight...and she was like lets grow up and be friends... im like haha you think it is jus that easy...i mean i caught her in another lie tonight...and she said she never lie..thats a lie right there. and really im not goin to get into that bullshit again. and i mean she started talkin bad about jenny and all that and that really pissed me off too. so yea i jus had to say somethin about that cause i was laughin my ass off. o yea i also got me a kitten like 3 days ago omgah she is so adorable...she has these pretty blue eyes and she is black and gray...i have a picture of her that ima but on here...her name is mary jane. haha but yea...i heard this song on tv today its called break down here...its kinda a county song but i loved it...its talkin about this gurl leavin her guy and she is on this highway and its kinda sayin like im not gunna have a break down cause im not with you..and i dont know i jus really liked it...and well now i'm just rambling cause i have nothing else better to do...bein grounded really sucks... im not even gunna be able to spend time with seve before he leaves...that really pisses me off. but i guess ima have to deal with it. but i guess ima go cause i really dont have anything else to say...so i'll write later. love ya.. bye

Posted at 11:38 pm by XoXoSuGaRbAbY
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Thursday, June 24, 2004
JuSt A qUiZ tHiNg

Hey..I know I know..another information thingy! It's different tho! Just thought some people might wanna read it!

Name: Carla
Location: MS
Eye Color: Green/Blue
Hair Color: Blonde

Height: 5'3''
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Zodiac Sign: Virgo

LAYER TWO: On The Inside

Your heritage: Umm I don’t know!
Shoes you wore today: Wallabies (spelling?)
Your weakness: I have a hard time opening up
Your fears: Getting hurt
Your perfect pizza: Stuffed crusted ChEsSe

 Goal you'd like to achieve: Finding someone that cares about me

LAYER THREE: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Your most overused phrase on AIM: Hey wuddup?
Your thoughts first waking: I have to feed my kitten

 Your best physical feature: Iono.. to be honest people say my chest
Your bedtime: Definitely don't have one
Your most missed memory: I’ll keep that to myself


Pepsi or Coke: Coke..but really Mountain Dew
McDonald's or Burger King: Burger King
Single or group dates: I like any date in general
Adidas or Nike: Adidas
Lipton Iced Tea or Nestea: Lipton’s but lots of sugar
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
Cappuccino or coffee: Cappuccino


Smoke: Yea
Cuss: Yup

Sing: In my car..haha
Have a crush(es): a few
Like(d) high school: No it sucks
Want to get married: Yea eventually
Think you're attractive: Haha not really
Play an instrument: Yeah the clarinet…DoRk..haha

LAYER SIX: In the past few months have you...

Drank alcohol: Of course
Smoked: All tha time
Done a drug: Should I tell you this?
Gone to the mall: Yes
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: No I’m not a big oreo fas
Eaten sushi: Sick..
Been on stage: No
Been dumped: No
Gone skating: No
Dyed your hair: actually yea..my mom made me take the blue out
Stolen anything: No
Lied: Probably..but nothin bad..it's always for good sake!

Played a game that required removal of clothing: of course

Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Yeas I HaVe..haha

Been caught "doing something": yea haha it was embarrassing

Been called a tease: Yes I have..ugh!

Gotten beaten up: Nope
Shoplifted: No

LAYER EIGHT: Getting Older

Age you hope to be married: Hmm maybe my 20’s

Numbers and Names of Children: 2-I don't know yet!
Describe your dream wedding: I don’t know

 How do you want to die: Um..old and in my sleep!
What do you want to be when you grow up: hell if I know

 What country would you most like to visit: Europe..I wanna go to Rome

LAYER NINE: In a girl/guy?

Best eye color?: Hm..blue eyes!
Best hair color?:  brunette all tha  way
Short or long hair: Medium? Haha
Height: I really don't care..
Best first date location: The beach..hahaha but that will never happen...umm I don't know..doesn't really matter!

LAYER TEN: In The Numbers...

Number of people I could trust with my life: Around 6 people..
Number of CDs that I own: Good lord..too many

Number of piercings: 5
Number of tattoos: none…YeT
Number of times my name has appeared in the Newspaper:  none prolly
Number of scars on my body: 10 at most
Number of things in my past that I regret: Too many to count

Posted at 08:25 pm by XoXoSuGaRbAbY
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Monday, June 21, 2004
DaMn ItS bEeN aWhIlE

ight..hey ya'll well its been a pretty good while sence i wrote in here and i really haven't been up to to much..i have 2 jobs now so im mostly just workin...there okay i guess...my night job isnt that fun though, but o well its money... but yea im still grounded and it really sucks ass...but hey i got my phone back yay. so its all good...i should be gettin ungrounded this weekend hopefully...but yea chris donald came over tonight i havent seen him in forever...he jus showed up and damn if i must say he has gotten very hot haha... ima have to hit him up when i get ungrounded....and i dont think the whole me and steve thing is gunna work cause my mom dont like his brother cause she knows they drink alot and she dont want me drinkin no more...so that kinda sucks...and tate was intown today..but i had to go to  work so it really pissed me off that i didnt get to see him ....but maybe its better i didnt cause i would have jus started liking him again and we all know that gets me no where. but yea i also have to go to court in 2 weeks...july the 2nd this really sucks..i thought i was done with all this tex drama but maybe after this it will all be over with finally. but yea im not introuble or ne thing i jus have to go and testify for some shit...i dont know...im not lookin forward on goin...hopefully tex wont show up so i dont have to go. but i really dont have to much more to say right now so i guess i'll write later when i do...i love ya'll mwah. bye.

Posted at 09:51 pm by XoXoSuGaRbAbY
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Saturday, June 12, 2004
I'm So CoNfUsEd...HeLp

Hey ya’ll- okay well first i'm gunna tell ya'll that i've been havin a pretty good summer. Yesterday i put blue streaks in my hair. my mom hates it but o well i think it looks really good. i've been seein a lot of my ex's to. and it really sucks. cause i mean i just wish that i could get a guy like them again and all i can get are these guys that are okay but i know i can do better. i mean i keep questioning shit... like if i should change or do something. i'm so sick of bein alone i really am. and i really just dont know anything anymore. but ima shut up about that and tell ya'll about last night. okay well me and jenny worked from 10:30 to 3 yesterday at mazzios..yay..not haha but yea then we went and got ready cause we had planed to go out for the night and get drunk...well at 9 we finally get our vodka and me and jenny had to be in at 11....sooo us bein us we go ahead and get shitfaced and then planed on goin back to my house at 11 well were all havin a good time and my mom calls at 11:30 askin where i am. so i was like holy fuck im screwed soo i was like fuck it and keep drinkin then i finally get home and ya'll it was crazy i really dont remember shit that happend. my mom said that i shut the door in her face and locked it...im sorry ya'll but thats funny as hell. so now im grounded and cant drive ne where my mom has to take me to work and it really fuckin sucks... but i get everything back in like a week...hopefully. but  yea i've been thinkin alot lately sence i cant go ne where and not think. and uhh i really dont understand myself ne more and i also dont know why i dont have a boyfriend...and my moms up my ass wantin me to be a preppy gurl again and to tell you the truth i dont want to be that but i start to think would i be acceppted more? i really dont know... i'm prolly jus gunna say fuck it and jus be me and not change but we will see...and ya'll give me some advice on what to do please. but ima have to go now. i'll holla at ya lata i love you.. mwah.

Posted at 06:54 pm by XoXoSuGaRbAbY
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Sunday, May 30, 2004
.LiFe Is GrEaT.

Okay well its been awhile... but i've been havin a really good summer... i kicked off my summer real good. it was great exept steve couldn't be there... he had to go back to vicksburg to work..TeAr. but o well i'll get to see em tomorrow. and i found out that me and ever clear are not a good match. but its all good. but yea.. i've been goin swimmin a lot latly... ima get me a good tan... i jus can't wait till  when i go to new orleans my mom said i could go down there and get my belly button peiced and she said we'd what to see about my tatoo. but o well... and o yea...i also have to say somethin to my favorite bitch ashley...."quit tryin to start shit wit me and tryin to get your boyfriend into all this damn drama... go the fuck on and jus quit talkin to me cus sorry but i've grown up i think its about time you do the same... and tell your lil boyfriend that if he says he will hit me... tell him to bring it cus i dont think he really wants to mess wit me but whatever. also him sayin holla is a black word... why you so racist.... come on now. and tell him also thanks for callin me a slut but like i said to you earlier... a slut has to fuck and i dont fuck ight" but now ima go cus im supposed to go out in a lil and see my sweetie. haha. but i'll holla at ya lata love ya'll mwah.

Posted at 09:20 pm by XoXoSuGaRbAbY
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Sunday, May 09, 2004
Is this a turning point?

gah.. today was mothersday. i totally forgot. i feel like shit. but i guess i'll make it up to my mom somehow. but today i was talkin to my brother, and we were jus talkin about collage and school and all the bad disitions we've both made in our lives. and i look back and i've done alot of stuff wrong. and i think that maybe i should change some things jus a lil bit. Maybe i should start actin a lil more serious about my life and where im goin. I mean i can still have fun and have a good life. just i think i need to quit some things i do a lil bit, but its cool. im growin up as i go in  life. and i think i've grown up a lot from where i was. but i really have to go. i love you. bye.

Posted at 03:48 pm by XoXoSuGaRbAbY
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Tuesday, May 04, 2004
.TuNiNg ToWaRdS tHe StArS.

ight.. hey ya'll well its been forever sence i wrote. sorry.. but yea this weekend was really good. My mom finaaly got remarried.. i was so happy for her. she diserved it. and FrIdAy i got my car. yay. its really great not havin to ask for a ride. haha. and i got to see steve a lot. god he is such a hottie. he's really cool to hang out wit to. and i spent the night wit brittany friday. and we had to babysit these 2 lil gurl. haha it was funny as hell. and saterday i dont really know what i did.. i cant remember thats kinda sad. and sunday i went to see the movie MeAn GiRlS.. it was pretty good. it could have been better. and o god.. that night steve and mike and chris came over. and as we were talkin outside my brother pulls up.. and i swear he mad me cry so hard sunday night. me and all them were jus chillin and he has to try to act like a hard ass and so i was jus like ya'll leave to them and my brother goes and gets in his car and goes after them. because i dont know he said he didnt like them. and ya know he never likes ne guys i talk to and im really gettin sick of it. but yea he said that he had little respect for me ne more because of who i hang out with. so i was like bawlin... but then Late Late that night he comes in there and hugs me and says he was so sorry. but i dont know i still felt like shit. becuase its always like i have to be better than what he was. i have to be the perfect one. and i really dont want to be. but o well. and today was a pretty good day. me and jenny became cool again (as in we dont hate eachother ne more) im glade because thats less drama i have to deal with. and i talked to anne marie today to. i found out that she is still lying to her friends and i really think that one day someone may get really hurt by her lies so i think i might see about talkin to someone for her because she needs some help... me and jenny figured this out in 3rd block today. but yea. i guess im goin to go because my mom and new stepdad are back from there hunnymoon. and i want to spend some time with them. im so happy there home. but i'll write later. i love you all soooo much. mwah!
o yea ya'll i forgot to tell you about this weekend this gurl in the 7TH GRADE said she was goin to kill me and give me a dive by... i started  to laugh my ass off. i think its so funny. and then today she said that she was goin to kill keke ... so i dont know ya'll i may have to set some LITTLE gurl straight. but im really goin now bye babies.

Posted at 09:25 pm by XoXoSuGaRbAbY
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